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Patrik Berg Is Back with New Release ‘Living the Lie’

If you’re in need of some techno, you’re in luck. Patrik Berg returns with a new Drumcode release, ‘Living the Lie.’ Everything about this track is interesting and iconic – from the title, to the vocals, to the artistry. The name alone gives us a sneak peek of what’s to come. It leaves us wondering, what exactly is the lie?

Profound vocals explore the song title and any potential questions that come from it. They stand out vividly from a classic techno soundscape, and tell an all-familiar tale. The first question posed in the track is– who will be the first to say goodbye? A quick beat, amazing artistry from Patrik Berg, and echoing vocals explore the tension two people face as they avoid hard-hitting truths.

‘Living the Lie’ is tells an unforgettable techno tale. One that many can relate to on some level. It’s a lyrical and sonic masterpiece, and perfect for those in need of something new.

You can listen to ‘Living the Lie’ below!

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