SLANDER & MARAUDA Team Up For New Banger ‘Suffer’


It’s all about the “get in your feel vocals” and the nasty drops. That’s exactly what you’re going to get on this one. MARAUDA and SLANDER teamed up today to release their new banger and you def don’t want to miss this. SLANDER’s & MARAUDA’s new track’s titled ‘Suffer’, but believe me, the only thing that will suffer on this one will be your neck. This is the first time this trio unites forces, and so far, the result has been amazing. It’s definitely a pleasure to have such an amazing group of artists get together and whip out such a banger. ‘Suffer’ is finally here!

Slander & Marauda

Marauda & Slander Finally Team Up

What better way to close your Lost Lands set than by bringing out one of the biggest names in the industry. Playing your brand new ID together? Yeah, that’s definitely the cherry on top. We’ve been waiting for this one for a while, and it is exactly what we wanted. It brings together every main element from each artist’s style. It also mashes together to create a unique sound, which, in my opinion, is something difficult to achieve in today’s bass industry. Marauda and SLANDER have done a great job with this one, and if you don’t believe me, you can check it out by yourself below.

A huge banger. An absolute belter. A heavyweight contender. ‘Suffer’ is nothing but certified fire. A unique sound. A completely different vibe. Perfection. This is one of the best bass songs I’ve heard all year long. There’s no doubt it’ll be a festival favorite and an instant classic. Once again, they’ve done it. Marauda. SLANDER. Together. The perfect combination between getting in your feels and destroying your neck. For all you headbangers who are still sad Lost Lands is over, I’m sure this will get you ready to go out and break your neck!

Stream ‘Suffer’ by SLANDER & Marauda out now everywhere!