Brazil To Open Up A ‘Surreal’ New Superclub


Brazil has some major works planned. The city of Cambori├║ has plans to open up a new Superclub dubbed Surreal. It will bring an “unprecedented cultural experience” to Santa Catarina. The club will be 92,000 square meters. Just for comparison purposes, an average soccer stadium is roughly 34,000 square meters.

The club will open with a 3-day opening party starting December 26th of this year. The line-up includes Agents of Time, HOSH, Wehbba, and Yaya. Their 2022 calendar is stacked with another 33 events planned including Carl Craig, Apollonia’s Dyed Soundorom, Archie Hamilton, Cassy, and Ellen Allien. Renato Ratier, the founder of Surreal, had this to say about the club:

“I spent 10 years working hard and intensely, contributing to Warung Beach Club’s growth in order to deliver the best possible experience. I now believe that my mission along with the entire team was fulfilled. But music has been running through my veins since I was a child so I am committed to continuing to grow electronic music in Brazil.”

If you take a look at this Vimeo video of the proposed club, you will be amazed. The grounds look super impressive with multiple stages planned. It seems like the vibe here will be almost a festival that runs year-round. It appears as it will just be a fun place to hang out too where you can grab drinks and food, Multiple bars and food locations are featured in the video that takes you all around the grounds.

Tickets are available here to purchase!