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EDMTunes Chats with Jessa le Carre

This week we sat down (digitally) with rising star Jessa le Carre to talk about her mashups, DJ mixes, and her production style. Read on for the full interview below!

EDMTunes: You have a bit of a reputation as being the “queen of mashups.” We’ve listened to a few and they’re really intense! How do you approach your mashup DJ-mixes?

Jessa le Carre: I have an unusual ability to listen to a song and instantly think of another that might compliment it or even lift the energy more. I always strive to make a mashup sound enhanced from the original, which can be a tall order when working with super well-known tracks. I just really love mashups. I seem to have a real instinct for them. Lately I have been incorporating more pop music into my mixes.

EDMTunes: We’re listening to your new single, “Figure It Out,” on repeat! I really like the upbeat, happy vibe of this track. What inspired you on this release?

Jessa le Carre: This particular song, I actually made with the intention of working out, but it turns out it’s great for all sorts of living! I wanted a sneaky bassline that would be irresistible to move to, and the chords were meant to accompany this track. A lot of my music has a sort of “dumb luck” in the studio, where the stems sort of just choose each other. Like a sort of musical destiny and a unique mission to unfold before my eyes! I produced this track faster than any of the others out of my releases, too, this year, which is fascinating to me when I reabsorb it. 

EDMTunes: As a DJ and music producer, how do you usually harness ideas when inspiration hits you? Are there specific physical activities and/or places that you keep returning to for their ability to inspire you? Do you ever suffer a “mental block” when you’re trying to record a new piece of music?

Jessa le Carre: I see my art as a sort of personal duty. I have acquired savant syndrome after a head trauma, so being gifted with some of these abilities makes me feel like I’m fulfilling my role here. I always feel inspired, but it’s usually real life that gets in the way of creating. In terms of songwriting, though, yes, I definitely get mental block. I’m also attempting to write a song in Hebrew right now while still learning the language. I run into very real blocks like this, lately! I usually find my inspiration through others, so if I ever feel tired of a song, I will find someone to come sing it and bring their own, new life into it. I have a few undiscovered vocalists now I’m working with to develop their talent. I love working with all sorts of different voices. It’s like a brand-new instrument every time. 

EDMTunes: Can you speak to the role of emotions in your songwriting process? Specifically, how do emotions color the piece of music you happen to be working on at any given time?

Jessa le Carre: I would say all music stems from emotion. It is where we go to express and understand emotion when there are no words otherwise. Emotion is probably the only thing that I truly let guide me while in the studio creating these songs. Otherwise, I let the stems sort of choose or “find” each other, like an electronic romance. It’s very important to me that I create music that evokes emotion in my listeners. I also always strive to leave people feeling more relaxed and at peace when hearing my music. I have had a few people tell me recently it feels like healing vibes to them. Nothing would make me happier if true!

EDMTunes: How was your Halloween?

Jessa le Carre: Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I always look forward to it. I dressed-up with some friends and cruised around the city with a film crew in order to score some fun footage for music videos and promotion. I think one thing I lack, as an artist, currently, is more video content to go along with my music. I think this is a very important aspect when understanding and internalizing the music you experience as a listener. We came-up with some great content! I love playing with edgy concepts and things that have deeper meanings. 

EDMTunes: You’ve had a lot of success recently with your creative and fun dance challenges on social media. Can you offer some highlights? When and what is the next one, and where can people find it?

Jessa le Carre: This was just a fun idea I had that turned into something more than I ever imagined! I never thought my contest would reach all of these countries I’ve never visited before. I had so many entries from China and India the last few dance challenges I’ve thrown. It makes me feel amazing to see my music appreciated in so many different cool places! There are talented dancers all over the globe. I’m inspired by them all and their overwhelming support. My next phase will involve recruiting some of the winners to act as international ambassadors for my charity, “Give Tov.” I’ve already asked a few of the dancers to participate, and they will be sent extra rewards in order to help the homeless animals and anyone in need, in their local communities. It turns out that they are not only talented, but they also have huge hearts. You enter by tagging me in a video, dancing to my latest release on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. 

Follow Jessa le Carre online!

Facebook: http://Facebook.com/jessalecarre

Instagram: http://Instagram.com/jessalecarre

TikTok: www.tiktok.com/Jessalecarre

Facebook, GiveTovCharity: http://Facebook.com/givetovcharity

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4qfv6TUF5oQk821pG26d4U

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