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[Event Review] ZHU Makes Brooklyn His ‘Dreamland’ At Avant Gardner

Cover Photo Credit: Chris Lavado (@ChrisLavado)

ZHU took on Brooklyn’s finest venue Avant Gardner this past week with 3-sold out shows. The Great Hall has hosted the world’s biggest artists in dance music. To sell out 3 shows there is a feat not many could imagine. His performances are unique. Not many producers and DJs feature a live band to accompany their music. But ZHU is like no other. Accompanying ZHU on stage is a guitarist, drummer, and saxophonist. If you are looking for someone that goes beyond the decks, ZHU is your guy. His heavy bass accompanied by eerie vocals and live music created a magical experience. New York was sent to Dreamland.

The Venue

Shiba San got the party started at The Great Hall in Brooklyn. He has a way of getting the crowd going. The people can’t stop themselves from saying “Let’s Go Dancing.” The Great Hall is not your average warehouse. It is equipped with lights not just covering the roof but the beams themselves. There is ample space to get your feet moving. A bar extending almost the length of the venue ensures you are never waiting in line.

The sheer size of the space is impressive right when you walk in. The multi-level venue allows you to get more than just the floor view. If you are a Summer festival goer you will notice right away it is attached to the Brooklyn Mirage. Also included in the complex is King’s Hall. It is truly for Dance Music enthusiasts.

Photo Credit: Alive Coverage (@AliveCoverage) 

ZHU Presents: Dreamland

ZHU dropped his much anticipated Dreamland album earlier this year. It was filled with diversity and range. Heavy bass, mysterious vocals, and never-ending groove captured us. In addition to the album drop, ZHU released a documentary on YouTube: Welcome to Dreamland – ZHU. It is a must watch.

Showing off his album in Brooklyn, ZHU got the party started with the crowd favorite ‘Came For The Low.’ The place was rocking and everyone channeled their inner animal. After a few solo performances, ZHU brought out his band to really turn things up. Used to traditional DJ performances I was intrigued with how this would work. It was seamless to watch and listen to.

The band gave the live show extra energy that decks cant provide. It had live flair between the numerous solos by the guitarist, drummer, and saxophonist. We must not forget that ZHU sings so many of his tracks live. His capturing vocals remind me fondly of The Weeknd. Every song was a hit with the crowd but none bigger than his classic song ‘Faded.’ There is just something about it that everyone loves. ‘Faded’ will be etched in history as one of dance music’s most beloved and iconic tracks. Right when it hit, shivers ran through my spine.

If you have never seen ZHU live, you are missing out. He is the perfect artist to show friends who are not so into EDM. Live band setups are not so common in our industry, when there is a DJ doing both it should be put on notice.

Thanks for taking us to Dreamland ZHU.

Photo Credit: Chris Lavado (@ChrisLavado)
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