Kayve Surprise Reveals ‘Kayveman Pophecies’ EP


Kayve makes a surprise and snappy return to hometown record label Emercive Recordings through his new 5-track EP, Kayveman Prophecies. The independent label has been championing Kayve’s work, as well as the likes of mau5trap and more. However, this dropped in a sudden moment on the release day without preceding announcements. For his listeners, this was a great surprise to wake up to, as this brings forth all the elements that make his sound unique.

Throughout, Kayveman Prophecies has us dancing with the infectious bouncing rhythms that are entangled with heavy production. From deep basses to thumping kicks, Kayve forms an interesting genre fusion constituting bass house and electro.

It’s no surprise that Kayve gained the attention of some heavy-hitters within the electronic scene such as deadmau5 and Culprate. With a distinct sound that continues to refine itself with each passing release, the producer is here to leave a mark. Moreover, Emercive provides a great home for this sort of sound, channeling through the dark and heavy.

Listen to Kayve bring his A-game on the Kayveman Prophecies EP which was released on Emercive Recordings below!