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Maceo Plex – Revision

Maceo Plex just introduced a stunning music production titled ‘Revision‘. It features Giovanni and is a collaboration with Program 2. As he’s been teasing this throughout Twitter for a while, now he gives the public a taste of what’s to come. That is, a forthcoming artist album in the works. The track is, according to Eric Estornel, ‘big room but emotionally nuanced electronica’.

The music video below shows the journey of a middle-aged man living a depressed mundane life. He has visions of returning to his past Club Kid days at the legendary Limelight Club in 1993. But was any of it real? The vocals open and continue to sing “These visions, all in my eyes… And I see them, they’re in my life…”. The bassline casts a chillwave soundscape as the melody combines with layered synths and drumbeats. This track feels right out of the 80s with the male vocals. Within the video, the neon lights cast a hue where glowsticks sprinkle throughout to catch your attention. It’s a retro party vibe all throughout.

Maceo Plex is not just known for melodic techno, as he continues to push the barriers on his sound with this. From ‘Cinemax’, ‘Insomnia’, his Faithless ‘Synthesizer’ remix, and ‘You Know What I Got’, Estornel is a producing machine. We see this track’s release on Ellum Audio. This cinematic, melodic production shows a different side to techno, the melancholic side. But creates perfect harmony with it. Watch the video and listen to the song below.

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