Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Tale Of Us is definitely one of the biggest names in the techno scene these days. The scene simply would not be the same without them. Today, Carmine Conte, one of Tale Of Us‘ masterminds, has released a new EP under his – so far unknown – alter ego, ‘MRAK’, and it is only leaving fans wanting for more. If you have not listened to it, check out MRAK – One (EP) now.

Withthe same mesmerizing sounds that make Tale Of Us so unique, MRAK is also setting a trademark of his own. The EP, which contains only 3 tracks, is a fully immersive experience, an invitation to explore your deepest thoughts through the power of music. And this is exactly what techno music is for.

MRAK is born during the COVID-19 pandemic, out of Carmine’s desire to experiment beyond the decks. After a year without any live performance, Carmine decided it was about time to get back on track. He did so by stepping up his game and creating this futuristic project. MRAK is not only about the melodies, but is also about lighting games and analog machinery, all gathered together to provide a unique adventure to the audience. MRAK has already been showcased in the latest edition of Digital Festival Mutek (in Argentina and Spain). Further dates are soon to be announced.

Hit ‘play’ below and listen to MRAK – One (EP) right below. For more updates on MRAK’s news, visit his official Instagram Account.

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