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New Turntable, Lenco LS-55, Hits Market with Vinyl to MP3 Ripping Capabilities

Vinyl is certainly having a comeback moment. But now that you have all these beautiful records, what do you do when you want to listen to them on the go? You own the music after all. The Lenco LS-55 is a new turntable that has the power to digitize your vinyl records and save them on flash drives.

The setup has built-in speakers, bluetooth connectivity, and a cover to protect the record while it plays. It also has built-in phono with RCA outputs that allow you to connect to a mixer or amp. And an Aux input as well to offer more versatility.

The turntable itself has a classic wooden finish and a passive radiator to improve bass frequency output. At 129 Euros or 148 US Dollars. It’s not a bad deal. For more information check out their website here

When purchasing a turntable there are many factors to consider. If you are planning on spinning live, you’ll need a twin deck with a crossfader. If you are setting up your own collection, you’ll probably want to spend the extra do to have a counterweight on the needle so that the records last longer. It doesn’t appear that the LS-55 has this feature, but that may also explain the friendlier price point. 

But if you have a dope collection of your parents’ records and want to preserve them into the digital space, then I think it would make sense to pull the trigger on this the Lenco LS-55.

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