Pioneer DJ Releases New CloudDirectPlay Feature For CDJ-3000s


Pioneer DJ will now allow you to access your tracks from a personal dropbox in the cloud. The new feature will work with CDJ-3000 models using Rekordbox’s new CloudDirectPlay ability. The feature will not work with the 2000 series. 

This software will allow up to six CDJs to connect to the internet via direct (wired) connection through a LAN hub and router. Your USB storage or flash drive can be authenticated like a key to give you access to your files in the cloud. Multiple people’s ‘keys’ can also be added to access to a greater array of songs. Hot cues and other song annotations will be updated automatically in the cloud and synced to Rekordbox. It should be noted that although this download is free, the feature itself only works with paid Creative and Professional Rekordbox subscription plans. 

No WiFi – a dealbreaker?

Please note that there is no WiFi capability on the CDJ-3000 series. A wired LAN-to-router internet connection is required for CloudDirectPlay to function. This can be an incredibly intricate process if you are trying to set up a party at a friend’s house, bar or club, when the router is tucked away in some office room away from the dance floor. 

This technology may actually make it more difficult for you to access your music. Please take the time to consider if you really want to go through the extra steps and wires. External hard drives work very well. (If you do have an external make sure you also keep a duplicate drive.) Or, if you really like the idea of cloud connection, consider a DJ controller that does have a WiFi connection – check out something like the Numark Standalone