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TATE SEDAR Blends Electro & Pop On New Radio-Ready Bop, Heaven

TATE SEDAR is back in action, and we couldn’t be happier. In the past, we brought you news of his collaboration alongside Marty Barrick titled ‘Code’. Today, we bring you news of a new tune from SEDAR, albeit in a different fashion. The new tune is titled ‘Heaven’ and is a solo track, as well as an original. If you’re a fan of TATE SEDAR or electro/pop crossovers, you’re going to want to check this one out.


2020 was an interesting time for us all — especially for the Los Angeles-based TATE SEDAR. I say this, as over the course of the last year he found himself locked up in the closet studio of his Culver City apartment cooking up a new, signature sound. From this, came about his latest electro-pop track called ‘Heaven’. When asked about ‘Heaven’ SEDAR had the following to say:

“‘Heaven’ got me out of the water and realized that, with a deeper practice and the sounds I loved, I actually had something to share.”

After having listened to ‘Heaven’ myself, I found the tune to be pretty neat. I would agree that SEDAR definitely has something worth sharing here. ‘Heaven’ features a Martin Garrix-esque lead that I found to be rather catchy. On top of this, the tune features great vocal work from vocalist Tyler Shamy, on which ‘Heaven’ is centered around.

With a runtime of three minutes and ten seconds, this is a quick one. Having said that, you may want to play it on repeat just to take it all in. If you’re into electo, pop, or just love-tinged vocals, then TATE SEDAR’s ‘Heaven’ is the track for you. TATE SEDAR’s latest tune is out now as a self-release, and can be streamed below. Enjoy!

Tate Sedar – Heaven | STREAM


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About Tate Sedar:

SEDAR was on the EDC Virtual Rave-a-Thon in 2020. He has mixed alongside Don Diablo, Cash Cash, Wolfgang Gartner, DallasK and Henry Fong at venues such as Academy LA, Avalon Hollywood and Temple SF. His take on electro has earned him 44k streams on “Code” with Marty Barrick and an official remix of “Hero” (11k streams) by Empire’s Terrell Carter. Born in San Francisco, CA; he had ambitions to sing that dropped as his voice matured. He discovered production at 11 and started to take music seriously in 2010 when he heard artists like Afrojack & Gartner.
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