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[WATCH] Eric Prydz @ EDC Las Vegas 2021 Circuit Grounds

Now that EDC Las Vegas is over, live sets are surfacing so here is Eric Prydz’s full EDC set at Circuit Grounds. The video is courtesy of attendee VictorVisits on YouTube. He captured the moment from beginning to end while attending the event for his birthday. From the beginning, it opens with a single light shining down as Prydz introduces the first song. The visuals, the energy, the production value brought by the Insomniac stage send shivers up and down your spine.

It’s been quite a year, with festivals going through the motions of trying to get back to normalcy. We still face the possibility of cancellation or postponement. Insomniac pushed forward and delivered a spectacle nonetheless. So, to start Prydz opens with his classic track ‘Pjanoo‘, and it flows into ‘Last Dragon‘. Following this, he re-scored ‘Mija‘, and throws in ‘Take Me With You‘, ‘The Arrival‘, ‘Rebel XX‘, and his Cirez D track ‘The Raid‘. After that, he shows off with ‘Run‘ from his Pryda alias, and continues with more tracks from that including ‘Recall‘, ‘Lillo‘, ‘Loving You‘. He finishes the set with ‘Every Day‘ and ‘Opus‘.

Photo Credit: Eric Prydz Facebook

For fans of Prydz, you know that his sets draw out tracks all while mesmerizing you with luscious melodies and bass your bodies cannot ignore. The lights flashed and at one point it was system failure. But never a dull moment. In the darkness, fans watched and listened, taking in every beat, every note, and every moment. As he dons his Pryda symbol on stage at times, you could feel the energy he puts into his set.

Eric will play one or two or sometimes even three of his aliases at events. They never disappoint and you should watch at least one of them if you ever get the chance. Thanks to Victor for putting this video up and letting everyone relive the FOMO or have new fans learn about Prydz for the first time. Check out the full video below. Who’s ready for next year?

Eric Prydz @ EDC Las Vegas 2021 Circuit Grounds
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