Yotto Is Back with New Single ‘Grouplove’


Resurfacing after the release of the incredible track ‘Out of Reach,’ Yotto is back yet again with ‘Grouplove‘. This new single is wonderfully synth-heavy, and features an airy, atmospheric soundscape. It’s an excellent collab with sibling duo Anden, and is the perfect mix of upbeat and mysterious.

Almost immediately, the synths in this song make their mark. Juxtaposed with a melodic start, they draw you in. While the synth work goes hard-hitting at the start, it becomes gentler as the track progresses. The vocals appear later on, but also add a sense of intensity to the overall vibe. All in all, ‘Grouplove’ is yet another amazing Yotto release, highlighting his versatile artistry. It’s been a busy year for Yotto release-wise, so it makes us excited for what’s to come.

You can check out ‘Grouplove’ and the extended mix below!