ANYMA – Running EP


Matteo of the legendary Tale of Us duo has been making major waves in 2021 with his new ANYMA side project. While only coming into being this year, Matteo has produced a number of excellent originals and remixes under the Anyma name. Perhaps none of the Anyma (or even recent Tale of Us) tracks had the cult-like following that “Running” has.

“Running” has been dominating Tale of Us sets in one form or another since before the COVID shutdown. Its infectious lyrics and pounding rhythm make the track an instant crowd favorite. In the world of melodic techno, especially Afterlife fans, you couldn’t go a day without a new clip of “Running” being played out by Tale of Us at a show somewhere around the world. Each time, the comments littered with people asking for the track ID. Now it’s finally here.

Matteo teamed up with Meg Myers for this melodic techno take on the classic Kate Bush song “Running Up That Hill”. The track hooks you in from the very first beat when it sets its massive atmospheric tone. This Afterlife bomb will usually appear towards the end of any recent Tale of Us set, and it’s little mystery why. During the track’s bridge, the beat gives way to a soaring vocal that will have all the lighters and phones in the air waiting for that truly epic drop that comes.

Coinciding with “Running” Anyma also gave us “Walking“, which is a much more chilled-out introduction type track. This one, too, has been a mainstay in Tale of Us sets recently – usually at the beginning 30 minutes of the set. If Carmine can keep up this level of quality in his releases, we certainly don’t mind him keeping this pace.