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Clubs in France Forced to Close Amid Covid Fears

French Prime Minister Jean Castex just announced that all clubs in the country will be closing starting this Friday. The decision comes while the country is facing a new surge in Covid cases, the country’s 5th wave.

After many cancellations of major events in the past days such as Elrow Biarritz and Boiler Room, it was just a matter of time until clubs were becoming the government’s next target. The venues that are maybe in the way of becoming cultural institutions have faced the biggest impact of the ongoing sanitary situation. Clubs in France were the first and last places to close. Every club in the country had to close from March 2020 until the summer of 2021. However, and after a promising comeback, the industry around night-life is living the same nightmare again.

For the moment, bars and open-air venues remain open. The club’s closing duration is set to be 4 weeks at least. However, and without serious improvement of the Covid situation in France, the shutdown will probably go on for the whole winter.

The overall situation in Europe has been very concerning for the cultural and musical scene. This raises many questions and fears for the industry and major events taking place in the upcoming months. We definitely hope that we will not be living another winter 2021 in Europe. Most importantly, we hope to see our favorite venues and clubs back in business very soon.

Mohammed Bakhtaoui
Mohammed Bakhtaoui
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