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Kaskade – Lessons in Love v3

Kaskade is giving us a whole new level to his original feel-good track with ‘Lessons in Love v3‘. This time, he gives us major Late Night Alumni throwback vibes with this one. The progressive house in this is chilling, soothing, and riveting. Normally, we’re used to the rock tempo brought by Neon Trees that the first rendition belts out. Sung in aggressive staccato but every bit energetic, it was one of the early memories of Kaskade. Now that we’re entering winter and a new year of music, close your year out with this cooling, ambient remake.

The bassline is downtempo, but drums through the entire melodic piece. The vocals by Cayson Renshaw this time sing softly as you feel it wrap around you like a blanket. The soundscape is quiet and emotional. We’ve got the soft trance-like vocal and guitar strumming melody coupled together to give you a new look. It finishes and fades away slowly for a dramatic, but effective close. A key feature of any Ryan Raddon track is his musicality precision. Whether they make you jump up and down like ‘Jorts FTW’ or keep you swaying side to side like Redux, it’s another standout production for the books.

Photo: Kaskade Facebook

Join Kaskade as he closes 2021 down in San Francisco at the Bill Graham Auditorium. We can expect it to be nothing short of spectacular. Tickets can be purchased here. From there he makes his way to Omnia in Vegas, Meow Wolf in New Mexico, and The Brooklyn Mirage in New York. It’s been quite a year with a lot of uncertainties still at large going into the new year. But let’s close out this year with a bang as best we can. Celebrate with all your friends and family (safely) with this song as your guide.

Listen to Kaskade’s Lesson in Love v3 below.

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