SNBRN – If We Ever Meet Again


Returning to the limelight with another vocal house masterpiece, SNBRN is back with “If We Ever Meet Again,” the 6th unveiling from his upcoming LP and final release of the year. 

Synthesizing his taste for quality and creative musical composition, the LA-based artist has made a name for himself with his hip, mainstage ready productions. In palatable succession to previous release “Home,” SNBRN continues to unveil his latest album’s concept. “If We Ever Meet Again” turns heads and ears, continuing the forthcoming album’s quest to touch on deep emotion and rosey nostalgia. With this single, SNBRN leaves listeners eager for more while offering further proof of his versatility and innovative output. Harmonious with the rest of his discography, this scorching single is sure to make you move.

“If We Ever Meet Again holds a close spot in my heart. I’m so thankful for everyone involved that made this happen. I’m so stoked to show you guys more from my Album (The Old Days) coming early next year. Enjoy :)” – SNBRN