Argy Delivers Amazing Tataki EP To Kick Off 2022


2022 is here! Happy new year everyone! Hope you asked for a bunch of events & releases in this new year. I personally, asked for a brand new EP from Afterlife, and would you look at that? It became true! A couple of days ago, British DJ/Producer Argy released his brand new EP inside the biggest melodic techno label in the world. Argy, a techno referent during the last decades decided to join forces with Afterlife to release this brand new 2 track EP. Titled ‘Tataki’, Argy’s new album is a bomb. No more. No less. The DJ proves that he’s still more than capable of coming up with fresh new sounds and ideas.

Argy is back with a brand new EP on Tale Of Us' label Afterlife.

Through two tracks, Argy brings the energy of the most basic and primitive sounds in dance music into the dancefloor. The distorted synths, raw drums, joined by a perfectly designed atmosphere make this one of the best EPs I’ve heard from Afterlife in a while. On top of it, it’s even more exciting due to the fact that it comes from someone who’s been working with these sounds way before this whole Afterlife identity and community was established.


Argy’s new EP cannot be defined in just one word. The complexity expressed through each track is so unique, there’ actually no way to describe the listening experience in one go. Definitely, an outstanding performance. Hopefully, this won’t be Argy’s last EP within Afterlife. The DJ has shown that he has all the talent and experience needed to enter this roster, and if you don’t believe me, that’s fine. Go see for yourselves. You won’t regret it. However, do make sure to thank me later. Hats to Argy! What a way to begin 2022.

Stream Argy – Tataki EP out now everywhere below and let us know what you think!