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Astroworld Update: FBI Asks Festivalgoers to Share Videos

The FBI is now asking festivalgoers from Astroworld to send in videos of the 2021 tragedy. They officially set up a website and encourage all attendees to upload their videos/photos.

According to Mixmag, their new website intends to ensure that they look at every piece of the puzzle. Because Astroworld is under such a firey investigation, there is serious interest to be as thorough as possible to ensure all affected parties receive justice.  

The Houston Police Department is now coordinating with the FBI to ask everyone to send their Astroworld videos here. Take a look at what the Houston PD had to say about it (full statement below): 

“Houston Police Detectives have already viewed countless hours of video evidence as part of our ongoing investigation into the Astroworld event. To ensure that we have captured all possible evidence for a complete investigation, we have partnered with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for additional technical assistance.”

In November of last year, attendees of Astroworld fest came for a day of fun and music. But instead, they were met with tragedy and pain as Travis Scott performed for them. 

Because of that, a massive investigation has unfolded, putting Travis Scott, Live Nation and ScoreMore at the center of the chaos. This situation continues to be tense and soon, and hopefully this investigation will shed light on whether there was criminal activity involved.

Keep checking for updates around the explosive situation.  

H/T Mixmag

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