Charlotte de Witte Postpones Landmark All-Night Show in Ghent


This week Charlotte de Witte had to share some unfortunate news with her fanbase. Sadly after pressure from government officials and uncertainty around COVID-19, she had to postpone next month’s Ghent show until April.

The news was not something de Witte was happy to share and she has expressed her discontent with how things went down. Here is part of her statement from Facebook (complete statement below):

“The new implied covid measures and uncertainties (and basically zero fcks given) coming from the government do not allow us to stick to our original date. I’m deeply sorry if this causes any discomfort. This event will be one of the biggest milestones of my career (and life), so I hope from the bottom of my heart that the new date will work out for most of you.”

It’s clear from de Witte’s statement that this decision is heartbreaking and might have been avoidable. But like many events over the last two years, the final decision to have a show is out of an artist’s control.

Before its postponement, the Belgian DJ’s Ghent performance was going to be on February 5, 2022. Instead, it must wait until April 16, which leaves many attendees uncertain about their ability to attend.

De Witte feels the pain of her fans and is offering full refunds for those who can’t make the new date. Keep checking for updates about Charlotte de Witte’s Ghent performance and other news about her via Facebook @charlottedewittemusic.

Photos via Facebook @charlottedewittemusic.