Gareth Emery Quits TikTok & Explains Why


Gareth Emery has decided to take the road less traveled, as he deletes his verified TikTok account. According to a statement the dance artist released on social media, this move was made to shift his focus on “making art.”

The statement reads that the decision wasn’t an easy one, especially since Gareth Emery was advised this move would affect his career. However, with the support and love of his fans, he believes this decision was necessary.

“I believe hyper addictive platforms are horrible for mental health, including mine,” the statement reads. “After using it myself, I wouldn’t want my own kids on it, so it’s against my personal ethics to recommend it to you. Instead… I want to spend my time making art. The best music possible, inspiring videos, long sets with beautiful production, shit that changes lives. Not 7 second videos which are viral today, forgotten tomorrow.

“I am very grateful for your love and support. Taking the different path to ‘everyone else’ is hard. Each time I’ve done it, I’m told it could end my career…. and yet each time, you guys ended up supporting me more, not less. I hope one day a song of mine does for you what you’ve all done for me.”

Gareth Emery is still active on his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Make sure to follow him to stay tuned for all the new music he’ll be cooking up for all his dedicated fans.

Gareth Emery TikTok Statement