Mt. Sierra Unveiled Fourth Single, ‘When You Hold It Down’, From Forthcoming EP


Mt. Sierra wrapped up his 2021 releases with the release of his powerful single, ‘When You Hold It Down‘. The track marks the fourth off his forthcoming debut EP, Mt. Joel.

With each release, Mt. Sierra continues to showcase development in sound, one which extracts distinct inspiration, yet retains individuality within the presentation. As the artist pushes into 2022, this is surely going to be a festive year with a lot ahead of him.

“‘When You Hold It Down’ is another song I made mid-pandemic last year as I was wrapping up my time at Icon. It originally started as a homework project for my piano class, and evolved once I found the vocal I centered the track around. I was feeling pretty clever, and appreciative of some of the people in my life at the time, so I worked my magic, and changed some sounds around, messed with the vocal phrasing, and ‘When You Hold It Down’ is the finished product.”

Mt. Sierra

Through and through, ‘When You Hold It Down’ is a progressive house tune that notches the energy upward. However, Sierra pulls elements from other genres to seep them into the production, creating a sense of variety and movement. The melody of the song evidently is what pulls us as listeners, and it certainly doesn’t let that attention go either.

As the producer mentions, this comes as an extract of his time at the Icon Collective music production program. Following a year of garnering further experience and knowledge, Mt. Sierra is slowly but surely introducing us into his world of sound in an immersive way. We’re definitely looking forward to the unveiling of the full EP!

Lastly, listen to Mt. Sierra present the fourth single, ‘When You Hold It Down’, off his forthcoming Mt. Joel EP.