REZZ: Kicking Off the Year with New Bonus Track ‘Menace’


Fans of Rezz, rejoice for Space Mom has brought home another track for us.  DJ and Producer Isabelle Rezazadeh, aka Rezz, demonstrated again why so many fans flock to her unique mid-tempo hypnotic music with her latest album Spiral. The album is filled with bass thumping, gritty basslines, and energy to keep you dancing through the darkness of the night. The addition of Menace adds a track with a engaging bassline to get lost in.

It’s no surprise that Rezz has emerged so strongly from the tribulations of the global pandemic. Forbes conducted an interview with Rezazadeh, in December of 2021. When speaking about her work ethic and ability to work through writer’s block in, Rezz had this to say:

“I literally worked on music so much. It was all I did. For the most part, I did not let myself leave my house. I was like, No, you need to finish music. You need to work on music. And the thing is, really someone once said to me, make music and make as much as you possibly can. And so I did, and I would literally make like eight songs a month and a lot of those songs were so bad.”

Isabelle Rezazadeh

With the release of her third studio album, the Canadian DJ is set to tour North America. Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Seattle, and Portland are all stops as Space Mom leads us towards the summer festival season.  The tour already is shaping up to be a visual journey. The DJ teased some of the production that fans can expect on the tour. You can check tour dates here.

Check out Menace and the accompanying visualizer: