Steve Aoki Shows Off New $859,000 NFT During Set


NFTs are getting crazier by the day. Steve Aoki has supported the digital collectibles heavily the past year and is showing no signs of stopping. During a live show, he stopped the music to show off his newest purchase. For the price of $859,000, he was able to purchase the 9th “rarest” doodle in existence. I will let you have your own discretion on if it is worth the price.

Steve Aoki recently launched his own NFT marketplace alongside comic book author Todd McFarlane named Oddkey. When Aoki paused the music he had this announcement:

“Check this little gorgeous alien out. Look at him! I had to stop the music because I’m so fucking excited. This is the Steve Aoki doodle, take a good look guys!”

I don’t think the crowd was as excited as he was based on the video. Regardless of how one feels about NFTs, one thing is for sure, they are here and here for the long term. We might see the bubble burst as what happened with Cryptocurrency when it first took off. If that does happen, the market will most likely recover as these Digital Collectibles are going to be wanted for years to come.

Since Steve’s announcement, the floor price for doodle’s lucrative collection has shot up by more than 60%. Good move by the DJ to make this announcement. One of the 10,000 doodles in existence is also rumored to be owned by Snoop Dog.