Tommy Trash Unveils New Single, ‘Jaguwawa’


Tommy Trash is back with his new track ‘Jaguwawa’, and it’s out on Sweat It Out. The Australian Producer is currently on his massive 19-city tour around North America. Tommy Trash Presents: Jaguwawa still has some remaining tour dates. Tickets can be found HERE!

This beautiful new track will instantly send you to another location. Tommy shows off his range and versatile production. Euphoria is built into the song throughout with hypnotic rhythms and blissful vocal chops. Tropical percussion takes you right to the Bahamas. Tommy Trash has a deep connection to this song and had this to say:

“As my shaman would say you need to ‘Touch the jaguar’ – and you best believe I did that! I wrote this song after a night-long ayahuasca trip, where I was having dinner with a few alien pals, before they invited me to go up into their spaceship.”

Tommy has stated his love for the medicinal psychoactive shrub of ayahuasca. It has magical properties that awakened who he truly is and what led him to start his own label. We can bet, that is where the name of this track and tour came from.

Make sure to check out ‘Jaguwawa’ below!