UK Premieres First LBGT Music Festival


The UK will host its first Queer Electronic Music Festival this Spring. It will be held at the Springfield Farm at St. Albans in the North of London. The two-day festival will feature both camping and day passes. They are calling it Flesh

The festival will host a variety of queer acts from around the UK and the Continent. In addition to music, the festival will host a “sober tent” that will boast a relaxed environment with workshops, panels, and a general place to unwind between sets. 

Producers of the event have stated:

“The festival addresses long-term issues in festival programming, which is dominated by cis-male straight artists, breaking the cycle and allowing emerging and underrepresented talent to break through on a worldwide platform.

There is also an open call for QTIPOC artists to apply for scholarships to the London Sound Academy. Winners will be given performance slots at the festival. Deadline for entry is February 3rd and can be found here

Flesh Queer Festival will take place on May 28, 29 and tickets are available here