Cosmic Gate and Greenhaven DJs Take Us On A Journey With New Track ‘Retrospection’


Cosmic Gate do not miss and their new groovy collaboration with Greenhaven DJs hits just right. Retrospection’ is a blend of many unique sounds that will take you on a journey. The track is broken up into different parts opening your ears more and more. The beginning features a pulsating bass fitting perfectly around a punchy kick. As the groove settles in we get plucky synths moving us forward. These synths are at the core of this track and always come back in.

Silence is brought on by the same delicate synth groove but with more anticipation for the upcoming drop. As tension and energy rise we finally arrive at our destination. An ultra-long build-up will satisfy all when a massive brass hit kicks off the drop. Moving basses keep our ears happy as this track is ready to rock any club.

The German Duo has provided an extended mix of this track. Cosmic Gate recently turned up the heat with their first release of 2022 ‘We Got The Fire.’ New York based Duo Greenhaven DJs, are hopping into the scene perfectly with this massive track.

Make sure to listen to ‘Retrospection’ below!