Ghastly Produces ‘Smoke’ to Set Tone for 2022


It seems notable Arizona-born DJ Ghastly aims to make significant moves this year. Although he’s already reached great heights in his young career, it only looks up from here, as Ghastly releases ‘Smoke‘ to set the tone for 2022.  

Don’t get lost in the ‘Smoke’ when you listen to this one while you vibe away to its melodic flow. The new release features heart-gripping vocals from Madalen Duke that take listeners on a mystical journey. It’s undoubtedly softer than tracks like ‘Psycho’ or THE OG EP for the talented producer.   

But he’s already shown his ability to put out music on all sides of music before, like when he made ‘We Might Fall’. As for ‘Smoke’, it’s the last single to come out before his upcoming album and Ghastly seems thrilled. Here’s what he said about it in a post on Instagram (see post below):

“This one means so much to me and represents the beginning of so many things to come.”

In addition, the ‘Get On This’ DJ is currently working on another project called Ghengar. He’ll be premiering it this March at Get Lucky Festival in Utah. 

There is much more to come from Ghastly in 2022, so keep those eyes peeled on his socials for more information. And make sure to check out his new single, ‘Smoke’ below. 

Photo via Facebook @iamGhastly