Kaskade Drops Next ‘Fire & Ice’ Remake: Waste Love v3


Kaskade is back at it, and we couldn’t be happier. This past December it was revealed that the fan-favorite would be re-releasing his ‘Fire & Ice’ album. He is doing so in order to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of its release. The re-release is being made in the fashion in which he believes it would sound, had it been made in 2021.

He kicked things off with ‘Turn It Down V3’. Since then, he has followed it up with ‘Lessons in Love v3‘, ‘Ice v3’, and ‘How Long v3‘. Similarly, he has also dropped ‘Let Me Go v3’, ‘Llove v3‘, ‘Room For Happiness v3′, and ‘Eyes v3′. Now, he is releasing the next song in the long line of ‘Fire & Ice’ remakes, in the form of ‘Waste Love v3‘.

If you’re as big a Kaskade fan as I am, I’m sure you’ve been waiting patiently for this. If not, check it out, and become a fan now.

Waste Love v3

When this concept album was released we knew that we were in for a treat. After listening to the prior releases, its safe to say that our assumptions were correct. ‘Waste Love v3’, is no different. When listening to ‘Waste Love v3’, I can’t help but feel some heavy Camelphat vibes. If anything, this makes me like v3 so much more than I had anticipated. If I’m being honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the original. However, this v3 version is something I could totally see myself dropping in a set.

With this in mind, I can’t wait to hear Kaskade drop this in one of his own sets. It lends itself extremely well to his current style.

With a total run time of five minutes & three seconds, Kaskade & PYFER‘s ‘Waste Love v3’ is the perfect amount of time to really get you grooving. Having said that, if you’re a fan of the original or just this new style he’s working in, this is a tune that you do not want to miss.

In conclusion, Kaskade & PYFER‘s ‘Waste Love v3’ is out now on Arkade and can be streamed below. Tune in and enjoy!