Senate Approves Bill To Make Daylight Savings Permanent


Spring forward, fall back – the Daylight Savings motto as we enter our loss of an hour of sleep. However, just recently the US Senate passed legislation that makes daylight savings permanent starting in 2023. That means no more panicking at changing clocks, brighter afternoons, and more economic activity. Right now, the House of Representatives must pass the bill before President Biden can sign.

Senator Marco Rubio is a big supporter of the bill though. He added the change would take place around November 2023, after airline and broadcaster inputs. This time change could allow kids to play outside longer and reduce seasonal depression. After all, our nation is divided between who likes it dark earlier and who doesn’t.

“I know this is not the most important issue confronting America, but it’s one of those issues where there’s a lot of agreement. If we can get this passed, we don’t have to do this stupidity anymore. Pardon the pun, but this is an idea whose time has come.”

Senator Marco Rubio

The US implemented daylight savings in 1960 in an attempt to reduce energy use, though 30 states have now debated this since 2015. But, we’re all suffering the wrath of an hour’s loss of sleep right now. Though our bodies will adjust with time, it only takes eight months and we’re back to the old schedule. Representative Frank Pallone says the “loss of an hour impacts us for days afterward and wreaks havoc on the sleeping patterns of kids and pets”. He also cited a poll that found 71% of Americans prefer not to switch their clocks twice a year. Supporters claim car accidents can be prevented, it can help businesses have more daylight, help the economy, and our daily lives. What do you think?