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EDC Las Vegas Getting New bionicJUNGLE Stage Originally Debuted at EDC Mexico

Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas has revealed its ninth and newest stage under the electric sky this May. Dedicated to all types of house music, bionicJUNGLE is replacing the skyLAB stage. Insomniac first debuted bionicJUNGLE at EDC Mexico 2020 and 2022 – fitting given Mexico City’s closer proximity to Tulum and the real underground jungle scene. Ravers will now get to dance at what will likely be a lush, forest-themed stage lit with lasers at Insomniac’s flagship event.

“A wild house party. Step onto the forest floor and groove all night long,” EDC Las Vegas tweeted on Monday night. “No matter what shade of house music you love – #bionicJUNGLE, previously referred to as skyLAB, will be your home from Dusk ‘Til Dawn.”

A video preview of the stage promises classic house, Chicago house, funky house and the roots of house music.

“Channel the ancient spirits through the pulsing heartbeat of the electronics, bionicJUNGLE,”

the narrator says.

Insomniac founder and CEO Pasquale Rotella on Monday posted that bionicJUNGLE will be located between neonGARDEN and Polygon Park. “All genres of House Music being played all night long,” Rotella promised.

From skLAB to bionicJUNGLE

House fans were excited when Insomniac announced the skyLAB stage devoted to the genre at EDC Las Vegas 2020. However, the festival was postponed that year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The 2021 edition did not include skyLAB, with various house DJs instead playing at techno-focused neonGARDEN. House is finally getting its rightful space in 2022.

Few other details have been provided on bionicJUNGLE, but below are a couple of videos from the stage at EDC Mexico 2020 and 2022, respectively.

The bionicJUNGLE news comes right after EDC unveiled its lineup by stage. The lineup for bionicJUNGLE is “comin’ up soon,” Rotella said. EDC Las Vegas takes place May 20 to 22 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. GA passes are sold out, but the waitlist and VIP tickets are available on its website.

Jessica Gail
Jessica Gail
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