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Hyper Channels Aggressive Bass On ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ Cover With Jack Trammell & Sam Matlock

Hyper teamed up with Wargasm’s Sam Matlock and Jack Trammell to rework the classic Nirvana track, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit‘. It’s no easy feat to flip beloved classic songs into the modern-day, as they hold sentimental attachment to fans. However, the artists pull off an interesting take, by utilizing a heavy bass infusion to inflect the grunge feel. The track is out now via Position Music.

The UK artist Hyper has strong roots and ties when it comes to the punk rock scene. With that in mind, the inspiration to rework Nirvana as an ode and nod to his influences seemed inevitable. Additionally, Hyper’s bass music is clearly drawn from the resilient and persistent nature of punk. His sounds are usually incredibly gritty, textured, and rebellious in nature.

“Nirvana is as punk as they come. I remember when Nirvana’s ‘Bleach’ came out and I devoured that record. Nirvana sent shockwaves through the punk and grunge community and unleashed a new energy that is, to this day, a constant muse for me and my fellow musicians. It was humbling to do this record, and Sam [Matlock], Jack [Trammell] and I wanted to make something fiercely original that still captured the essence and legacy of Nirvana.” 


Finally, listen to Hyper, Jack Trammell, and Sam Matlock put their spin on Nirvana’s classic, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, via Position Music below.

Husam Alzgheibi
Husam Alzgheibi
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