ILLENIUM Remixes Nirvana Classic ‘Something In The Way’


Music is pervasive. It seeps like slime through the cracks and crevices of the world. You might hear a melody or hook that you thought belonged to you, that you found first, but really it came before. And it found its way to you through the winding paths of samples used in film, culture, and even tiktoks. 

Nirvana’s song ‘Something In The Way’ has been around since May of 1991. And it is probably not even in the top five of his most celebrated songs. But recently it was featured, twice, in the new film The Batman. It casts a sweeping mood-scape across the rainy city of Gotham, as Robert Pattinson’s black eye-shadow drips down his chiseled face. 

Since the release of the film, the song has experienced a resurgence amongst listeners and Nirvana fans. And has even become associated with a viral tiktok video of a man exiting a restaurant and slipping on his own vomit. 

ILLENIUM seems to have tapped in to the zeitgeist of the moment and has released a heavy dance remix of ‘Something In The Way’. It has a slow build and heavy drop that remains true to the grunge energy from which it came. The song is available for listen on SoundCloud here

Thank you Kurt. We love you!