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Jimmy Pé Gives Off Bloghaus Vibes With Electro-Infused Single ‘Pé Is Not Dead!’

It is always refreshing to hear artists create outside of what is considered trendy & hot. Today, we bring you one such artist by the way of Jimmy Pé. The Slovakia-raised multi-talent Jimmy Pé debuts his first release of the year with ‘Pé Is Not Dead‘. The single brings us back to the late 2000s / early 2010s era of music, in that it gives off heavy bloghaus vibes. If you’re familiar with this moment in music, i’m sure you know just what to expect. If not, prepare yourself, this is a good one.

Pé Is Not Dead

Those familiar with the music of past eras will definitely enjoy the nostalgia that this tune brings. There are parts of ‘Pé Is Not Dead’ that feel mainly tech-house, thanks in part to the tune’s 4 on the floor drum pattern. Other than this, this is where the similarities stop. The tune features some heavy wubs and wobbles that would make even the most seasoned bass-house fan nod their head in enjoyment.

With a total run time of two minutes and fifty-seven seconds, this is a record that sounds longer than it is. Having said that, fans of creative, outside-the-box music, will want to check this out. If you’re a fan of artists like Crookers, into electro house, or miss just bloghaus, then Jimmy Pé’s ‘Pé is Not Dead’ is just for you. Having said that, ‘Pé Is Not Dead’ is out now on Slow Roast Records, and can be streamed below, enjoy!

Jimmy Pé – Pé is Not Dead | STREAM

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