Mindchatter Drops Multi-Faceted, 13-Track Sophomore LP, DREAM SOUP


Finding new music is always refreshing — whole LP’s, even more so. Today, we bring you a brand new new LP, courtesy of the New-York based Mindchatter. Known for being a talented, Multi-instrumentalist, Mindchatter has garnered support from some of the dance music industries biggest names. One such name being Pete Tong. In addition to this, the supreme talents of Mindchatter, real name Bryce Connolly, have seen him secure coveted support slots on Polo & Pan’s North American tour. Today, you get to see why Connolly is held in such high regard, by showcasing his latest release, his 13-track, DREAM SOUP LP.


Firstly, Dream Soup, is a quality dish in terms of musicality, filled to the brim with the artists introspective lyrics and insane production prowess. Over the course of 13-tracks, DREAM SOUP presents a true a genre-bending package that features a little bit of something, for everyone. DREAM SOUP contains numerous soundscapes venturing between intricately produced electronic music and catchy indie pop songwriting. Lastly, the album, which is written, produced, and sung entirely by Connolly, which is a feat in and of itself.

DREAM SOUP is dropping off the backs of singles such as the industrial “Math;” the intimate pop track “Nothing On Me;” the cosmic, spaciously layered cut “It’s Ok (It’s Not Ok);” the minimal yet hypnotizing “Inch Off The Earth;” and the bouncy, carnivalesque “Answer Me”. EDM.com has already hailed DREAM SOUP as one of the ‘22 Game-Changing Electronic Albums coming in 2022.’

Mindchatter Musings

When asked about the ‘DREAM SOUP’, Mindchatter had the following to say:

“We’re all made of cosmic slush and soon return to just that. At a young age we start to imagine what our ideal self looks like and we construct an identity around that image. We then spend much of our lives reinforcing the personality we’ve created.

He continues:

The album, DREAM SOUP, speaks to how our own identities get in our way. The opening line says ‘I forgot who I was, I wish that that would last but now I’m back, now I’m back.’ The best moments in life are the ones when we are free of ourselves.” 

With a total track list 13 songs deep, DREAM SOUP clocks in at 40 minutes & 32 seconds. Having said that, this LP is quite the musical journey. With that said, its the perfect amount of time to get you grooving and really appreciating the masterclass that Mindchatter has put on. Having said that, Mindchatter‘s ‘DREAM SOUP’ is out now on Mind of a Genius. In conclusion, the LP can be streamed below, enjoy!

Mindchatter – DREAM SOUP | STREAM

DREAM SOUP North American tour

Tickets for Mindchatter’s DREAM SOUP North American Tour can be found here.