Nora En Pure Evokes Deep Emotions On ‘Tribe of Kindness’


The progressive and deep house DJ/producer Nora en Pure presents her second single of the year, ‘Tribe of Kindness‘. The track is available now via Enormous Tunes, combining a positive message and a gentle touch.

As we move through life, acts of kindness by, or toward us, can push forth a wave full of positivity. In addition, with time going by, we meet more people who understand the true power of kindness. Nora en Pure locates this feeling in sound through the production of ‘Tribe of Kindness’. Entering an enchanting soundscape with intricate instrumentation and nature samples, she demonstrates her unique ability to fuse classical and electronic sensibilities.

Nora En Pure Tribe of Kindness

Nora en Pure – ‘Tribe of Kindness’

Firstly, the bassline embodies the track’s concept with its warm and lush texture that guides the emotion. This is completed with captivating melodies and a heartening arrangement. ‘Tribe of Kindness’ is a song that will resonate with her listeners all around the world.

Kindness is in us, we carry it with us at all times: A mixture of empathy, affiliation, integration and respect that is ready to use, just like a harmless weapon, at any time, like a card that wasn’t dealt, but given by nature as a treat for wisdom and as a grace of charity. The hope of deliverance and the aspiration to gain a higher conscious will never let us stop looking for perfection, with persistence and vulnerability

‘Tribe of Kindness’ description

Nora continues to make a massive impact across the dance music space with her official remixes. An example is that of Claptone & Dizzy’s Queen Of Ice and Dom Dolla & Mansionair’sStrangers’. This comes in addition to original releases such as the recent ‘Reminiscing’. Nora En Pure never ceases to impress her fanbase with regular insight into her production prowess.

Taking over Pershing Square in Downtown LA for Purified LA., David Hohme, Franky Wah, Rodriguez Jr., and Simon Doty joined her for a truly magical debut edition. With Purified Chicago up next on the annual calendar, Nora will touch down at Radius Chicago on Friday, April 8, alongside Cassian, Eli & Fur, and Paige.

You can listen to Nora en Pure – ‘Tribe of Kindness’ below!