Porter Robinson Delivers Magical Performance at his Paris Tour Stop [EVENT REVIEW]


With a special Paris stop last week, Porter Robinson delivered to his French fans the show and goosebumps they all had been waiting for. The last time the 29-year-old performed in the French capital was back in 2017 with Madeon during their Shelter Tour. Beyond the strong fan base and great memories Porter has in Paris, the city holds a special place to him as it also is the place he chose to propose to his girlfriend.

So needless to say, with such a wholesome comeback to the city of lights, the expectations were high – and Porter did deliver on them.

The show took place on a Thursday and was part of Robinson’s Nurture Live European Tour. The venue was the intimate Parisian venue Bataclan, and with its 1,500-person capacity, the place was packed and ready to go. While chatting with the partygoers and walking through the crowd, you could feel how strong and dedicated of a fanbase the American star has, and they were there to show it.

Porter Robinson took over the stage for a once-again mesmerizing performance, combining the live performance and live singing. Fans danced and sang to the artist’s new album and already-hit songs such as ‘Get Your Wish‘, ‘Musician‘, and ‘Mother‘. Porter didn’t forget his big classics either, and played many such as ‘Shelter‘ and ‘Sad Machine‘ for a performance that definitely stood up to the high expectations.

From a scenographical point of view, Porter had his tour set up with a beautiful LED screen and light show. The visual show was a piece of art; beautiful montages and scenery, creative stories, and heartwarming throwbacks, all was there to make the overall show, the experience fans waited for so long to witness, up until the last track.

Talking about fans and party-goers, they were definitely a key ingredient in the success of the show. You could feel the passion and community spirit everywhere. From the front to the back and during the whole night, the energy was through the roof and the good vibes were in the air.

Porter Robinson’s Nurture Live tour is still traveling through Europe. If you want to make it to the next stop or future ones, check out the link here or visit his website.