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Sir Ivan Shares His Message Of Peace With Album ‘Life’

Multi-talented and iconic Electronic music artist Sir Ivan releases his new album ‘Life’. The production features 18 tracks of the best EDM songs on his repertoire, Sir Ivan announced, among the vast references and influences on this release, that the album will remain available for streaming and download for free for everyone as a nod to Ukraine relief efforts.  
He proposes this album as an offering for peace and the speedy resolution of conflicts around the world. 

Having had first-hand experience through family members in the Holocaust, Sir Ivan is committed to advocate against violence and hatred, and that’s the mission he embarks upon with ‘Life’, making it a special sonic EDM experience for everyone. 

The album brings with it classic songs that have peace as an underlying theme, like John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ or Bob Dylan’s ‘Blowing in The Wind’ with Sir Ivan’s special and characteristic twist and sound. The production has a concept behind it, highlighting his 20 years as a recording artist, it also takes the strong influence and spirit of the 60’s, that preached love, acceptance and peace, as motors to propel his message of harmony, union and support for respecting and taking care of mankind. 

‘Life’ features remixes of Sir Ivan’s renditions of these peace songs, done by prodigious talents like Paul Oakenfold, Papercha$er, DJs From Mars, Mauricio Ruggerio, and more, as well as a 60-minute continuous mix of all the tracklist that won Sir Ivan’s Mega-Mix Competition held during 2020 COVID Restrictions to aid DJs affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This release will surely be a favorite for EDM and Electronic music enthusiasts, as well as for newcomers into Sir Ivan’s soundscape.  

Sir Ivan will continue his life-long objective of being a promoter of peace and harmony, while spreading his extraordinary message through his music and projects, this time, supporting peace and relief efforts in Ukraine. 
‘Life’ is out now and available here: 

Sir Ivan Online

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