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Twitter Confirms ‘Edit’ Feature, Will Enter Testing In The Coming Months

Social Media juggernaut Twitter announced on April 5th via their Communications account that they have been working on an edit feature since last year. They will first test the long awaited and highly controversial feature with the premium Twitter Blue paid users. The company tweeted out a promotional video as well as a poke at tech billionaire Elon Musk, who earlier that same day became the company’s largest shareholder and ran a poll on whether the platform should add such a feature.

Just days ago, on April 1st, Twitter tweeted this as well but at the time it was wildly considered as an April fools joke.

Public Reactions

16 years ago, at the company’s inception, this feature would have been unthinkable and non-negotiable as it went against the platforms intended purpose at the time. As changes in leadership brought about a change in policies, this feature has come back up to relevance once again. However, with this announcement, many twitter users are arguing whether the feature would be detrimental to our society, which currently engages with constant barrages of fake news and inaccurate reporting on social media at a frightening degree.

Others feel liberated as Twitter has been known since the beginning to be plagued with typos and poor grammar.

Finally, the only thing we can do is wait and see how this feature will play out. Additional changes to the platform are also bound to come as Musk promised when he was named onto Twitter’s Board of Directors.

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