Jacob Colon Recaps His 2022 So Far, And Talks About His Radio Show, Upcoming Releases, And More


Talented DJ and music producer Jacob Colon has been busy working on new music and putting out weekly powerful mixes for his hit radio show ‘Made to Move’. Between the show almost reaching its 100th episode, the hot bangers he has released in the past months like ‘Flippin It’, ‘Protagonista’, or ‘Take It’, and the many projects and live performances in the making; Jacob Colon shows no signs of stopping. 
He sat down with us to recap his 2022 so far, and gave us a taste of what’s coming for him in the near future.  
This is what he had to say.  

 Hi Jacob, how are you? 

I’ve been doing really well. I’ve been locked in putting together a lot of music.  

You started this new year releasing hard-hitting tracks back-to-back, can you tell us more about the process of working on those tracks? 

This year, I’ve been focusing on building my catalog for my label so you’ll see a consistent set of releases coming these next few months. I’ve been creating a lot of content using sounds outside of standard house type synths. The deeper I get into these sounds, the more music I release.   

What kind of music are you listening to now? Is it influencing the way you are currently producing? 

I listen to a variety of music. Recently though, I’ve been listening to a lot of hip hop. I would definitely say it’s influencing my productions as I’m always looking for different ways to expand into new boundaries.  

Are you working on new music at the moment?  


What kind of sounds or vibes can we expect from you in upcoming releases? 

I’ve been exploring a lot of deep/chill type sounds recently which has sparked some cool ideas. You’ll hear something with these vibes down the line. 

 How is your radio show ‘Made to Move’ doing? 

Excellent. I’m uploading a new show every week with new releases and exclusive promos from around the world. 

Are there any milestones you’d like to achieve with your radio show this year? 

I have my 100th episode coming in real soon.  

Are there any guests coming up in future episodes? 

Stay tuned… I’m always planning something fresh. 

Any upcoming performances you are excited about? 

It’s always great playing in NYC. New shows are in the works.  

Is there anything else in the pipeline that you’d like to share with your followers? 

New drop coming soon on Made to Move Records. You can find more info on my socials. 

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