Marvinmarvelous Tells Us More About His Beginnings, The Music That Shaped Him, And More


Experienced DJ and music producer Marvinmarvelous is a legend of its own; being the mastermind behind the Cali House Music sound, having put out powerful House bangers and skilfully mixing music for his unforgettable live performances all over the world, he continues to push his boundaries when it comes to quality productions and fresh sounds. 

His weekly radio show ‘The Marvin Show’ showcases exactly that; his exquisite taste and undeniable talent, this gets reflected on the number of listeners, and attention, the show gets each week. 

Now, Marvinmarvelous gives us a glimpse on his background story, his beginnings and the music that inspired and influenced his style and career. 

Who were your musical influences growing up?   

Earth, Wind and Fire, Parliament/ Funkedelic, Dave Brubeck, and George Duke.   

Favourite childhood artist?  
Stevie Wonder, and that hasn’t changed to this day.  I’ve met him before, he’s a genius, and he’s very funny. 

What was the first song you can remember that sparked your interest in music?  

“How much is that doggie in the window”, LOL.  My mother use to play it for me for as long as I can remember. 

How long have you been producing for?  

I’ve been in and out of studios since the late 80’s.  I started with a Casio CZ-101 and a Korg drum machine. 

Is there a message you’d give to your younger self considering what you know now?  

Yes, to learn how to play the piano really well.  I play good enough to make a record, but not good enough to play in a band. 

What is the name of the first track you ever produced? 

“Found Out”, with an artist called Kitra.  We did it on two-inch tape back in the day. 

How far have you come since producing that first track and what have you achieved?  

I always wanted to make music, not just beat.  My music has more of me in it now.  I can express what I feel in my music today.  Times have changed since then, now you have to be a computer genius to make music now. 

What did you want to be before you started producing music? 

I’ve always wanted to make music, but I went the business route instead of the music route early in my life.  Many of my friends have been touring musicians for years, but I decided to work in the business world, so that I could take care of my family with a steady paycheck. 

Who taught you how to produce music? 

I’ve pick up a lot from many different people. Most of what I know comes from being in bands and DJing for many years.  The technical part has been mostly trial and error, with some help from YouTube. 

Finally, if you could start all over again knowing what you know now, would you do it?  

Yes, just a lot sooner. 

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