MYRNE – Circles EP


Singaporean DJ and producer, MYRNE, is finally back and has just released his newest EP called Circles. During the pandemic, artists of all genres struggled heavily from various different obstacles and this is no different for MYRNE. His new EP is a product of that time of struggle and with the songs off his new EP, he hopes to bring joy and restoration to his listeners.

MYRNE’s new EP consists of 4 brand new songs that touch upon the idea of finding happiness in a dark place. The songs have an interested approach to them as they were being produced as some of them may not exactly sound completely finished. This is where MYRNE’s truly creative self comes into play as he’s able to share a realistic story through his music without the need of finding perfection. When speaking on the EP, he stated the following:

“You can really hear it in the music – a bit of it sounds unfinished – because I don’t think there really is a point to ‘finishing’ music, just making sure it sounds good then moving on to the next one. I’ve also learned to have a lot of fun ‘in the moment’.”

MYRNE’s EP is out now as he makes his debut on Astralwerks. Check out the full EP below now.