Nightclub in Kyiv is Raising Money to Pay Utility Bills


In an official statement on Instagram, Ukrainian nightclub, Otel’ has announced that due to the ongoing Russian invasion, “debts have mounted for unpaid utility bills.” The club, hailed as a popular experimental club and event space will partner with the ticketing platform OTTRY to fundraise and sell tickets that will be redeemable for future events held at the venue.

“From the very start of the resistance, volunteers have been doing Molotov cocktails within the premises of Otel’ for the defense of the city of Kyiv in the fight against the invaders. While getting visits from foreign journalists during breaks, Otel’ never stopped its activities in the fight, adding the use of all its available space and capacities to meet the volunteers’ needs, to provide warehouse organization and storage, to ensure the effective loading and unloading of products and merchandise to serve the needs of volunteers, of the territorial defense, and so on”

— Otel’ Kyiv

In an interview with Resident Advisor, the owner of Otel’, Pavlo Derhachov added that the bills began compound once the weather turned for the worse and the cold forced the venue to turn on its heating systems.

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