Outlook Festival Announces Pay-What-You-Want Scheme


With the cost of living on the rise this past few months, Outlook Festival decided to help their fans who want to attend the festival without ruining themselves. As a matter of fact, the independent promoters announced that they will now offer offers a pay-what-you-want system. They find it very important to acknowledge “the current climate” and make events accessible for everybody. Fans now have the opportunity to apply for a discount on the events proportionate to what they can afford.

Starting this week, the scheme will apply to both the festival’s UK and Croatian editions. Outlook Festival announced the news on their social media accounts last Friday.

Over the years we’ve worked with organisations to open up our events to greater audiences and wider music communities. This year, the increased cost of living is making attending events a challenge for many people and with the launch of our inaugural year of our first UK event, hosting all of our community is more important than ever.

Obviously, having access to tickets at a lower price is always a great thing, but especially in these times. Outlook will rely on people’s honesty for the scheme to succeed.

We appreciate that some of our audience simply will not be able to afford full-price tickets to music events. With this in mind, we are offering the opportunity to apply for a discount for our events proportionate to what you can afford. We ask for your honesty and support of one another and that you only apply if you genuinely cannot afford the current full-price ticket.

Hopefully, fans will who are really in need will beneficiate from this. If you want to apply, please click here to fill out the discount ticket request form.

Stay tuned for more news!