Spotify Tests Out New Native Pre-Save Feature


Spotify has a new feature that allows users to ‘pre-save’ albums well before they drop. While pre-saving albums is nothing new to the industry, this is the first time Spotify will allow pre-saves on directly on its platform. This has been a long-standing feature request from artist promoters. Spotify is test piloting this feature with the new Florence + The Machine album Dance Fever. 

The feature works simply enough. There is a button featured on the artist profile that will allow you to pre-save with a single click. The dedicated album page will feature the album artwork, countdown clock, track list, and any clips that the artist has associated with it. Previously released tracks will be available for listen on the pre-save page as well.

This benefits the artist to help run logistics on expected popularity, as well as obtain data from their more hardcore fans. For the listener, there is a convenience of knowing that new music will already be waiting for you in your library when its ready.