Stephan Jolk – About My Dreams EP


Matador’s mighty RUKUS label serves up its 30th EP titled About My Dreams, where Stephan Jolk takes the helm. After releasing on the likes of Afterlife, Rose Avenue, and Watergate here is his new chapter, full of energy and passion.

The title track operates in true ‘A Side’ fashion with a very strong summer hook. Matador tested it multiple times himself, proving it to be a real festival weapon. The break creates just a moment of breath and inspiration before the energy kicks back to elevating highs. You’ve got the resonating slightly acidic synths that will rattle your ears on any speaker. Feel those visualizers oscillate in your mind.

Flowers Of Evil‘ is the perfect example of sophisticated electronic music in 2022. With complex chords and harmonizing counter melodies, this song speaks of love and shines on the dance floor. You get radiating energy as you listen. Though there is a slightly melancholic tone to it, it doesn’t stop the track from being enlightening. Stephan offers huge atmospheric, peak-time rolls with these. They are superb. This is classy music that makes an indelible mark.

When you listen to Jolk’s music, you’ll find a cathartic experience with his emotionally-charged techno. The spiraling melodies and layers that unfold come from his diverse cultural influences. What’s more, is the intrepid sounds of Aphex Twin and Moderat. That’s where he gets his powerful analog-style from. His productions on Afterlife showcase his true flair for dramatic epicness. They categorize themselves in their own spectrum of techno, among the euphoric soundscapes.

Right now, he’s touring Budapest, Paris, and Zamna in Barcelona. But he makes his way to Sound Nightclub later this month. In addition, catch him at Summerdaze and Das Schiff Festival later this summer. For now, check out his EP below.

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