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Drake Breaks Apple Music’s First-Day Dance Album Streams

Drake fans met quite the surprise on Friday, as the acclaimed rapper dropped a whole album with less than a day’s notice. Not only that, but the album was heavily inspired by house music – with Black Coffee and Gordo producing several tracks. However, with only a few days since it’s release, ‘Honestly, Nevermind’ has become one of the biggest dance albums in history on Apple Music, breaking the platform’s first-day streams worldwide.

For many, this may come as a shock, as this is the first time the rapper has truly experimented with the electronic sound. Although the first for the R&B singer, his seventh-studio album has already become quite the success. According to a Billboard poll, fans have already voted the LP as one of the top releases of the week.

‘Honestly, Nevermind’ is a 14-track compilation consisting of a combination of R&B vocals and sound influences deriving from the house music genre. The majority of the tracks consist of the renowned artist singing, steering away from his usual heavy-hitting rap known to dominate the mainstream airwaves.

Sophia Medina
Sophia Medina
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