Hardwell Unleashes New Track ‘PACMAN’ Into The World


Hardwell has been on a release streak like no other in the last few months. After returning to Ultra to close it out, he dropped a ridiculous amount of IDs leaving us in awe. Release after release, we learn more about the Dutch DJs new sound. He of course took a step back from music a few years ago. In that 3-year hiatus, Hardwell crafted some of the freshest tunes that our ears get to love now.

His newest track ‘PACMAN’ is electric. It begins with a female giving us some history of the classic arcade game. She compares the yellow character to us, and honestly it’s quite spot on. Right before the drop, we realize we too “are running around in dark rooms, munching pills, and listening to repetitive electronic music.”

The drop will get anyone’s feet moving. It takes his old classic Big Room sound and mixes it with Techno. Euphoria is one of the ways to describe this record. This is his 7th release since returning and we can’t wait to hear what’s next.

Make sure to check out ‘PACMAN’ below!