Lane 8 – No Fun (feat. Rae Morris)


Lane 8 just released the new single ‘No Fun’ with the help of vocalist Rae Morris. The sound is somewhat of a departure from his deadmau5ian progressive chords, and hits softer notes and stays closer to the ground. The vocals have a feeling of a character from an old Disney cartoon, like Pinocchio or Alice in Wonderland. It has the wonder of a child-friendly voice that integrates in a song that stays gentle, and never reaches the typical soaring heights we typically see of Lane 8’s work.

Playing in at 6 minutes and 51 seconds, this song feels like the down-song in a set, where you might refill your water bottle, offer some gum to friends, and take a moment to relax between bangers. Every set needs a breather, and Lane 8 delivers that with ‘No Fun’. This is the first single that Lane 8 has released since his 2022 Album Reviver, which received much praise from the music community. 

Lane 8, also known as Daniel Goldstein, is currently signed to Above and Beyond deep house table Anjunadeep. And also has his own label, This Never Happened. Fun fact about the name Lane 8: he used to be a competitive swimmer in school, and ‘Lane 8’ refers to the slow lane in the sport.