Victor Ruiz Drops Luscious New Track ‘Beirut’

Victor Ruiz Beirut

Victor Ruiz – Beirut

Victor Ruiz is back on Drumcode with a brand new track. ‘Beirut’ is a thrilling and moving record that will take you on a journey. This is the Brazilian’s first label release in nearly two years, following two EPs ‘Freedom’ and the collaborative ‘Consciousness’ with Pig&Dan. Victor also had a standout single ‘Love Story’ on A-Sides Vol.10 making him the imprint’s most prolific contributor in 2020.

With a run-time of 5:13, ‘Beirut’ starts off with a hopeful beginning. Wonderful chords present happiness but also a mystery for the track’s direction. After two minutes or so we are given stage 2 of the track featuring an LFO bass with fun all over.

His four-tracker ‘Beirut’ signalizes another pivotal step forward for the São Paulo-born artist. Ruiz has always operated at the more emotive end of the techno spectrum and this opus exemplifies his ability to craft dramatic tension and beauty in equal doses. The title track is dedicated to one of his favorite cities, Beirut, the capital and largest city of Lebanon. He had this to say about the track:

“Beirut’ is a very emotional song and at the same time, very powerful. Just like the city. I wanted to make a track that would be beautiful and a kicker at the same time”

All tracks from the ‘Beirut’ EP will feature in Victor’s new ‘Live’ concept, where he dismembers parts of his catalog and creates new versions of his tracks. We can’t wait to hear the rest of the EP. Make sure to check out the first track ‘Beirut’ below!

Victor Ruiz – Beirut